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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Why Leadership? And Why fly fishing

Chapter 2: Anatomy of a Leader

Chapter 3: The Foundation – Casting Skills and People Skills

Chapter 4: Be Here Now 

Chapter 5: Understanding the Customer – Match the Hatch

Chapter 6: Dangerous Currents 

Chapter 7: Confidence and Belief

Chapter 8: Problem Solving and Your Leadership Flybox

Chapter 9: Guides, Mentors and Trust

Chapter 10: Shadow of the Leader

Chapter 11: Culture Matters 

Chapter 12: Encounters That Change You

Chapter 13: Your Leadership Team – Fly Fishing Buddies

Chapter 14: Stewardship and Sustainability

Chapter 15: 50/50 and the Power of Inclusion

Chapter 16: Innovation – On and Off the Water

Chapter 17: Planning, Agility and the Unexpected

Chapter 18: Continuous Learning and Persistence

Chapter 19: Well-Being and Healing 

Chapter 20: Stories and Communication

Chapter 21: Character

Chapter 22: It Starts and Ends with Heart

"Leadership is the courage to make a positive difference in the world. And fly fishing is a wonderful vehicle to  make a difference to people, society and the environment."

~Margot Page, Author, Little Rivers

With stories and insights from over 70 executives, guides, lodge owners and those in the fly fishing industry, this insightful book explores how the principles of effective leadership are matched and mirrored in fly fishing.


John R Childress, former CEO and author of several books on leadership, teamed up with Christian Bacasa, fly angler and media business owner, to produce a unique and important contribution to the literature of leadership and fly fishing.

Fly Fishing for Leadership is 

available in paperback from


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Chapter 2: Anatomy of a Leader
Chapter 13 Your Leadership Team
Chapter 15: 50/50 on the Water
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